[ BOOK ONE ] "As a reader who is long past his childhood days, I still thoroughly enjoyed this romp. Author T. X. Troan has created a scenario that many of his target audience will be more than aware of – a child neglected of time and attention by a parent desperately trying to make material advances in their situation. The character of Sophia was wonderfully written with many layers of personality explored as the journey unraveled. For a children’s book, there was still plenty of drama, conflict and even violence but the author’s moral tale was well preserved and the scariness inherent in the story was more than tolerable. It is a fine balance between scaring a young audience half to death and imparting a great moral lesson. I think Troan has found that balance well in this tale. The pictures were a great adjunct to the text. If your children are mature and capable of handling the conflict scenes, I think this is an excellent book to encourage young people to read. It hits all the right notes in action and character development and imparts a wonderful lesson to young readers. As an aged 'child' myself, I can recommend this book very highly."
- Grant Leishman, Author

[ BOOK ONE ] "Sophia Freeman and the Mysterious Fountain by T.X. Troan is an incredibly delightful children’s book with well-developed characters and plot. T.X. Troan provides readers with a relatable story filled with raw emotions and life lessons. The story elaborates on each character's purpose, emotions, and selflessness. The book can also be used as a teaching tool or reference for young readers to explore the concepts of self-awareness, self-healing, selfishness, selflessness, compassion, control, and many other emotions. Combining those concepts and life lessons into a story filled with mysterious elements, imaginative creatures, magic, and adventure allows this book to be easily read and understood. The artwork is vibrant and colorful, allowing the young reader to easily imagine the story being brought to life or being watched on television. Sophia Freeman and the Mysterious Fountain is a fun, creative, and adventurous read for a young child, and one that adolescents and adults alike will also enjoy."
Michelle Robertson, Author

[ BOOK ONE ] "Action, fantasy, adventure, love, hope, courage ... they’re all a part of this great imaginative story about an unexpected child heroine. This is an exciting, fast paced story sure to appeal to a wide audience. The target audience is youth, however, this older adult couldn’t put the book down and can’t wait for the adventure to continue in the next book. Well done, T.X. Troan."
- Marie Marrone, Fantasy Lover

[ BOOK ONE ] "Troan’s plot is imaginative and original, and his characters are finely honed and credible. Troan’s illustrations work so well with the story and serve to heighten the reader’s involvement in Sophia’s adventures. Sophia Freeman and the Mysterious Fountain is most highly recommended."
- Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite

[ BOOK ONE ] "Sophia’s journey is filled with surprises and unusual characters that make this story a terrific read.  I loved following Sophia’s growth as she struggles to save herself, her father, and an island filled with magic. As well, underneath this wonderful tale is the reminder of the importance of nature and everyone’s connection to it. The enemy is fascinating, the world unique, and the story is easy yet hard to put down. I can easily see both parent and child enjoying this book together as they become invested in Sophia’s plight."
- Kris Moger, Author

[ BOOK ONE ] "I truly enjoyed Sophia Freeman and the Mysterious Fountain - Book 1! The characters are so well developed - I especially like the ever patient Silimon! The illustrations help me image the beauty of the island and I loved the magic - we all need more magic in our lives! I am totally awaiting Book 2!"
- Jayne Osburn-Lapointe, Fantasy Lover

[ BOOK ONE ] "The book has the makings of a fairy tale with fearless characters and a magical setting. The colorful pictures are a nice touch and are very well created. Readers will be drawn in from the first page and will want to continue reading. The book contains shocking plot twists that will surprise readers.  I would recommend this book to all fantasy lovers."
- Kristen Van Kampen, Readers' Favorite

[ BOOK ONE ] "I purchased this book for my 12 year old granddaughter. But I started reading it and was totally fascinated with the story and the wonderful life messages it portrayed so well! The beautiful illustrations bring the characters and the story to life! I know Annie will love it! We anxiously await book two. Well Done!"
- Karen Granholm, Fantasy Lover

[ BOOK ONE ] "I really enjoyed the book, especially all the beautiful illustrations featured throughout! Absolutely amazing read!"
Lizzy Kron, Fantasy Lover
[ BOOK ONE ] "Although this is only the first book in this series I thought it showed real growth for Sophia as a character and left me with a few questions to keep me intrigued to continue reading. This is a great book for young adult readers."
- TDC Book Reviews

[ BOOK ONE ] "Captivating author, exciting read! Grabbed me as the reader and took me along for the adventure. A very compelling first book!"
- Kierra Ludvigson, Fantasy Lover

[ BOOK ONE ] "My son and I read this together, we finished it in 3 days. He loved the story. Only bummer part is having to wait for the next book - we can't wait!"
- Majesta Malcolm, Fantasy Lover